Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keep moving and you won't get sore.

Truth: You don't get sore until you stop moving.
Soreness solution after 5 consecutive days of WODs, runs, double WODs, and strength-focus days: GO TO A WEDDING AND DANCE YOUR ASS OFF.

No, seriously...that's what I did last night, and it was a freaking blast. I'm considerably less sore than I probably should be today, but I can still tell that I made some progress toward "man shoulders" during yesterday's shoulder lifting session.

Nina and Julie killed it yesterday, and I really wanted to do better but just can't hold my own yet. I'll be getting there, though, especially since I know where to start from now. Many thanks to Nina for helping me out this last week and being willing to WOD me into's appreciated more than you know.

Tomorrow (8/1!) starts my Whole30 challenge, and I'm excited to see what it'll do for my strength and fitness goals. Will post some of those goals tomorrow, as today is about to get a little nutty with a surprise 60th birthday party (and cake!) around here plus my flight back to DC tonight.

A) Shoulder Press (1-1-1-1-1) -- 40-45-50-55-60(F)
B) Push press (3-3-3-3-3) -- 50-55-60-65-70(F)
C) Push jerk (5-5-5-5-5)
-- Goal of 5 reps: 50-60-60(4)-65(4)-70(F)
-- 50# to failure: 50(5)-50(8)
D) HSPU, 3 sets to failure (box) -- 6-9-8

Friday, July 29, 2011

Double WODs

Last night I had a crazy idea that I wanted to double WOD with Nina today...and crazy as it was, I loved it.

**WOD 1**
A) For time, 9-7-5 (reps of each, i.e. 9 pull-ups, 9 C&J, 7 pull-ups...), with 10 min cut-off:
-- Pull-ups (band)
-- Clean & jerk (65#) (Snatch was rx'd)
Time: 8min, weight as rx
**2 min rest**
B) For reps (as many as possible per skill):
-- 4 min: Thrusters (20# DB)
-- 3 min: KB swings (1 pood = 36lb)
-- 2 min: Tire flips
-- 1 min: Sit-ups
Completed: 20-49-16-29

As if that wasn't enough, I pulled off WOD #2 with a positive attitude despite being frustrated that I'm not stronger. This is also a Games workout (check out Nina's blog for more on that) that I'm sure I'll be proud to repeat soon enough. Always something to work on and try to get stronger at, after all.

**WOD 2**
AMRAP: 15 min
-- 9 dead-lifts (100#)
-- 12 push-ups (knee)
-- 15 box jumps (20")
Completed: 7 rounds + 7 DLs, as rx

I'll be looking forward to trying these Games WODs again and improving. I keep catching myself becoming intensely competitive with myself and others, so I'll be anxious to see what kinds of strides I can make. In the meantime, I'm going to peep some more CrossFit Games (official site - going on this weekend) workouts online, for inspiration, of course.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ninja's CrossFit

If I could make a decision purely based on fitness/nutrition/physical wellbeing, I'd move home just to train with Nina. Dead serious. I like the variety and surprise of every day, and I definitely can't complain about the coaching skill, either.

Alas, I can't really take that route right now, so I will have to scope out the CrossFit situation in DC. Planning on checking out Potomac CrossFit next weekend when I'm back in town and then hoping to find something closer to my new apartment soon after moving mid-month.

Yesterday I got initiated into Ninja CrossFit (Yeah, I named it. Sorry, Ninz.) That WOD is something to the effect of:
-- 200m run (buy-in)
Then, 5 rounds of:
-- 50m OH lift (45#)
-- 5 tire flips
-- 50m sandbag run (15#)
-- 10 step-ups with sandbag (15#)
-- 5 tire flips
-- 100m run with vest (20#)
Time: 21:27
Was good times...cause I'd definitely been missing real CrossFit.

Today was another good one, with some technique work that I'll definitely be focusing on for the next little while. Since I felt good after yesterday, tried to be a little more aggressive today (...which didn't work out so well in one respect...). I've got the itch to go at it again tomorrow, but I'm going to watch the Cubbies get swept in the afternoon, so I'll have to fend for myself.

Anyway, here's today...

A) Strength & technique
-- Squat technique
-- HSPU (24" box), 3 sets to failure (15-21-17)
B) For time:
-- 10 pistols
-- 20 burpees
-- 100 jump rope
-- 50m sprint
-- 50 OH lunges (15#)
-- 50m sprint
-- 100 jump rope
-- 20 OH sit-ups (15#)
-- 10 pistols
Time: 8:37, w/ box pistols (N: 8:07, Rx)
C) Cool-down/strength
-- L-sits (stacked plates), 10 x 10sec
-- Ring PUs (knee), 3 x 10 reps (6-10-10)

Definitely LOTS to work on, but glad to be able to keep pace, at least. I've definitely got some new things to work on and goals in mind for the next time I'm back... Will be solidifying and getting those in print by the time I leave on Sunday.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home soon.

Not much to report here today...getting things squared away to go home on Monday for a week. Looking forward to seeing family, some friends, and (of course) WODing with Nina and Julie! Then it'll be back to DC for a month of paleo, a week of class...and packing up to move!

A) Endurance: Run 1.5 miles
B) Strength
-- Lateral pull-downs, 10-10-10 @ 80 lbs
-- Lateral pull-downs, 5-5-5 @ 90 lbs
-- Pectoral flys, 10-10-10 @ 50 lbs

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back at it.

I was wrong about "Chelsea." No, really... I passed out afterward, sans dinner, then woke up in the middle of the night with legs that felt like Jello. Grabbed some thigh sleeves, passed out again, and upon waking in the morning decided that it was a good day for rest.

Proof that a rest day was a good decision: I ran for 5 mins to get to the post office so it wouldn't close before I got there, and my legs felt like bricks. (For the record, it did close before I got there. Serves me right for not just taking it easy.)

After a better night of sleep, I'm back at it today with a made-up WOD that reminded me about the pros and cons of working out on already-sore muscles. I wish I could have done this one outside (been WOD-ing at the elementary school playground, where there are lots of lines for SRs), but after walking back to the post office, I realized that the weather is trying to suffocate me and decided to WOD indoors.

**WOD 1**
A) Warm-up: Walk 1.25 miles, stretch (quad/hamstring focus)
B) AMRAP, 15 minutes
-- 10 burpees (jump @ top, push-up @ bottom)
-- 10 sit-ups
-- 20 mountain climbers (double)
-- 20 push-ups (knee)
Completed: 6 rounds + 8 burpees
C) Forearm plank hold (4 x 30 seconds)

**WOD 2**
Focused muscle endurance sets, with apps:
-- Push-ups, 75 sec rest (16-16-17-17-19-19-16-16-15-16 = 167)
-- Sit-ups, 75 sec rest (26-22-28-26-24 = 126)
-- Squats, 60 sec rest (20-20-20-20-20 = 100) Started this one over with a goal of 250 consecutive, and now it's too easy. :-(

Monday, July 18, 2011

"I feel bad, like I'm interrupting your workout."

...Uh, yeah, moron. That's exactly what you're doing.

Yeah, so this guy got in the middle of my "Chelsea" this evening...twice. Because apparently he didn't understand my look of death at the 8-minute mark, he decided to do it again at the 23rd minute. (I was grateful that he was quicker that time but still annoyed.) For once, I was actually only using one machine and just enough floor space (against the wall, even) to do push-ups, and he had to choose my machine and space. Ugh. Such is the life of an I-want-to-but-can't-really-commit-quite-yet-so-I-just-try-to-mimic-CrossFit-as-best-I-can gym-goer, I guess. Make do without the proper equipment, then try your best to not confuse the crap out of everybody else in the gym. Ugh...what a life.

Alright, rant over.

I liked "Chelsea," but I think I would have liked her better and found her to be more of a challenge if not for the above two problems.

In other news, I applied for a new apartment today, so I should be moving into DC-proper in 29 days. Thrilling and a relief, for sure, to have it done...but I just can't be excited here because I'm still annoyed over said workout. Soooooo, I'll just give you the stats and be done with this post.

(Hope you enjoyed hearing me talk to myself, btw...)

A) Run 400m
B) "Chelsea" (modified): EMOM, 30 mins
(every minute, on the minute, perform a round)
-- 5 pull-ups (angle and equipment setup made these somewhat like ring rows)
-- 10 push-ups (knee)
-- 15 air squats
C) Stretch, stairs (5 floors - OMG, quads!), re-stretch
Completed: 31 sets, but with unintentional rests at 8 & 23 mins. Averaged around 40sec/set.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's a beautiful day. (Bono reference not intended, but welcome.)

I felt better just having had a paleo lunch (turkey burger salad with roasted red pepper) today...meaning tomorrow will be even better. There are a couple grain/dairy things I would like to use up or save for less-strict paleo periods that I will leave interspersed in the next two weeks, and I'm okay with that. I think it'll help me not feel completely deprived later and stick with the Whole30 for the whole 30 days (well...31).

Went to a new church this morning, which I liked the people at, but the service itself was just okay. It was interesting, and I was glad to be there, but because the service was an hour and 40 minutes, my mind wandered more than I like. Sooooo, I might give this one a couple more chances while I'm living here (there are only like 2 more weekends I'll be available Sunday morning while living in this apt) and then try Rebecca's church again, once I move closer to there.

Not too much else going on here today... Tired from staying up a little late and then getting up early for church. Took a nap between WODs, which felt great. (And very thanks, Mark Sisson.) All-in-all, today was not only a beautiful day but a great head start to a better routine.

**WOD 1**
-- 2.5 miles @ about 10 min/mile pace, including sprints and walks
-- 11 shuttle runs with everything that's left

**WOD 2**
A) Warm-up
-- Bike 5 min (recumbent, light-to-mod)
-- Stretch
B) Build-up (5 rounds; start with just #1 in round 1, then add 1 new exercise each round)
-- KB high pull (10 each arm @ 10 lb; work up to KB snatch)
-- 10 sumo lateral shoulder raises (5 lb ea.)
-- 20 dropsies, with weights (15 lb ea.)
-- 50 mountain climbers (100 halves)
-- 25 med-grip underhand pulldowns (70 lb)
Completed for time: 10:01
C) Cool-down: Light jog around building (400m, 2:33)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pantry primalization.

Not much going on today. Looked at an apartment, went to dinner...the usual.

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but my right ankle has been annoying the CRAP out of me, so I'm trying to give it a little rest today. Instead of WODing, I just did a lot of walking around town today, and it's a little less annoying at the moment than it has been recently. I think it might be some kind of tendon/ligament issue, as something's pulling. Can't really tell you anything more than that...thinking I might get it checked out when I'm home next, just to make sure I don't screw anything up too badly as I continue WODing.

In other news, I swung by Potomac CrossFit while on my walk today, and picked up some info. I won't end up signing on there because I'm hoping to move to Northwest next month, but I might try out their free class next weekend. May also do the same at CrossFit Arlington (aka NoVA MMA) as well, just for shits and giggles.

Tonight while the roommate's out, I'll be "primalizing" my pantry. The plan is to go "roughly" paleo starting Monday (including some dairy like Greek yogurt, which is what I will probably do long-term, and weaning myself off sugar so I don't DIE by 8/3) and then going strict paleo for a Whole30 starting 8/1. Now THIS is a plan I'm content with.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Screw it.

No, really. Screw this. This is stupid.

I'm not going to force myself to eat crap that, in turn, makes me feel like crap...just because I spent money how many months ago. Really, that makes no sense! In the words of my economics professor (who knew I actually learned something in that class?!), it's a "sunk cost." I spent the money. It's gone either way. I can't make up for it now. So I should move on and make the best choice for myself now, without regard for that. So that's what I'm doing.

The fridge and pantry are getting cleaned out this weekend, sans guilt. I feel just as guilty eating the crap as I do throwing it away, so out it goes. I'm having trouble finding a place to donate the stuff, so if I can find one by weekend's end, it'll go there...otherwise, it's hitting the trash bin. (It's a shame, really, with all the homelessness in DC, but I don't know what else to do...) Sayonara, brown rice!!

PS -- Did I also mention that I bought this shirt as a reward?
Why? Well...for finally being sensible!

-- TBD...gotta actually get some school stuff done for once.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I can't remember the last time I've had this much grain in a three-day period. FOR REAL. Heck, I can't even remember the last time I had a meal containing pasta at all, let alone cooking it for myself.

Pretty sure I'm proving the difference between eating paleo and following "conventional wisdom," just in how I feel about myself. Today for lunch I really just wanted meat and veggies, and then for dinner I just wanted something light. I'm learning one thing for sure through this little part of my experiment: Paleo eating works for me. It just feels "right," and I feel better (outwardly and about myself) when I'm doing it. As a result, I'm actually anxious to convert to paleo full-time just as soon as this crap is gone.

That said, I probably will not be waiting until all the crap is gone. (I can't even put that in quotes is crap.) I threw some things out today because, let's be real: I'm not eating white rice or Pasta Roni anymore...I don't care if I did buy it. Some things are just not appetizing, whatsoever.

The best thing that could happen to me this weekend would be to find a grocery store with one of those food collection barrels at the door. I'd drop my load off at the door and walk on out with just produce and meat.

This is certainly an interesting experiment, huh?!

**WOD 1**
A) Jog to Key Elem (3 blocks)
B) AMRAP, 15 mins
-- Shuttle run (switch to double SR in 6th round to get some arm rest)
-- 25 push-ups (knee)
-- 10 squat jumps
Completed: 10 rounds + 2 SRs
C) Light jog back from Key

**WOD 2**
Endurance sets, with app:
-- Squats (28-26-28-32-30-26-24-26 = 220, 1 min rest)
-- Sit-ups (22-22-26-24-19 = 113, 1 min rest)
-- Push-ups (17-16-19-18-19-18-19-17 = 143, 75 sec rest)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Never going back.

In a bit of a reflective mindset today, I think mostly related to the fact that two of my best friends (and baby and teenage son) are moving down to Georgia today. It's not so much about the distance because I don't see them often, what with my being in DC and all; rather, I think it's just that they won't be in Wisco anymore. It's kind of sad for me but is also a blessing.

As far as "never going back" goes, though, it's not about that. (After all, we're only a plane ride away.)

No..."never going back" is fitness-based for me. 49 weeks ago, I moved to DC and started a new life with a new lifestyle. I love it and how things have progressed for me, but I have been reminded recently that there will always be change to endure. We can't ever settle but must always strive to be just a little better than we are now. There's a quote on my bedroom wall: "Be realistic. And don't try to be perfect." True: I don't need to be perfect. But I can try to be just a little better. And that's why I want to get back to paleo...and quickly. It's HARD to use up all this crap without feeling, well...CRAPPY!! (Does this mean I might give in to the trashbag before 8/1? Quite possibly...)

3 rounds for time (stupid timer stopped, but I'm probably just under 15:00):
-- Incline bicep curl (20 reps @ 15-10-10)
-- Dropsy w/ weights (16 reps @ 30#)
-- Med-grip underhand lat pulldown (20-12-8 reps @ 70-60-60)
-- Single leg pelvic thrust (40 reps)
-- Crossover lunge w/ hammer curl (20 reps @ 10)
-- DB row (15 reps @ 10)
-- Oblique plank twists (20 reps)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I need a change.

All day today I kept thinking about how I wanted to try something new. A new gym, a new workout...something. This of course brings me to CrossFit, which I'm fairly sure I'm going to end up going all-in for once I figure out where I'm moving. I think it's the variety of having a new challenge each day that has me hooked to the idea.

I decided to go home for a friend's wedding and my uncle's 60th birthday party the last weekend in July, so I booked that flight today. I'm sure my friends here think it's odd that I go home so often (twice a month the last couple months), but I'll continue to do it while I have time because I don't have that luxury come fall. Plus...I'm tired of this apartment and trying to figure out what to do with myself everyday. (In that respect, it'd be nice to have a full-time summer job, but I'm kind of glad I don't. I needed the mental break, too.)

Also anxious to get all the crap food out of my kitchen so I can focus on nutrition more easily...just hoping the faileo weeks until 8/1 (remember: I decided my Whole30 starts 8/1) don't set me back too far. I need to get the crap out of here so I can re-focus, though. 8/1 is an ideal start date: After my last summer trip home, first day of the month, and exactly 4 weeks in one place to get well-established before school starts. The only trouble will be the move, but I should have two weeks to detox before that, too. Will definitely be looking forward to it!

A) AMRAP, 10 mins
-- 20 air squats
-- 20 hollow rocks
-- 10 sit-ups
-- 10 push-ups (knee)
Completed 5 rounds + 20 squats, 5 hollow rocks

B) Endurance sets with apps
-- Sit-ups (19, 19, 22, 19, 19 = 98)
-- Squats (30, 28, 32, 30, 30, 26, 22 = 198)
-- Push-ups (knee) (16, 15, 17, 17, 18, 15, 16, 16 = 130)

Decision Time.

Alright, so I'm bad at making decisions. I'm into my second year of grad school and pretty much figure that when I get done, I will have another degree I'm not sure what I want to do with. It takes me over an hour to grocery shop, every time...even when I have an explicit list organized by department. And I can't book a flight without calling my mom first. But I digress...

I've decided I want to go paleo, full-time. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'm in love with the idea. I can even do it for a couple weeks at a time, but I can't seem to just throw out the non-paleo food and go for it. I just feel like cleaning out the pantry and throwing stuff out is so...wasteful! I could donate it and all, and I probably will do that with some things, but I just can't see throwing out a shitton (yes, it's a word...ask my WI friends) of food that I bought with my hard-earned (and scarce!) money. I just can't.

Soooooooooo... I'm deciding now that I am going to bite the bullet for like the next two weeks (max) and eat that food, then donate what is left. I know I'll feel less-than-ideal, but I bought it with the intention of eating healthy, and I lost over 75 lbs eating it, so clearly it's not toooooo terrible...there are just better (paleo) things I'd rather eat now. So that's that. I'll be working out with some two-a-days to try and "offset" the effects of the "crap food," and then I'm going to do a Whole30 starting August 1 (coincidentally the day I get back from a vacation, 1st of the month, a Monday, and first day of my 3rd summer class, a "week-long intensive, M-F 9:30-5:30") and eat "rough paleo" for the forseeable future. (More about what I consider "rough paleo" to come...basically it includes rare dairy (just cheese) and whole grain, so I don't feel deprived and can stick with it long-term.

So that's the decision and the plan... Hoping to stand by it (and book a flight tomorrow, when Mom calls me back, lol)!

Activity, 7/11:
1) Walking from Ballston to VA Square for errands, then around Clarendon, Court House
2) Insanity Cardio Recovery (With my legs still sore, I'm not sure why I chose this today...thanks, Keith.)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog: Reinvented.

So, I decided I want to start blogging again but chose to rework my old one instead of starting anew. I'm not sure why, but I think I wanted to focus on my life now...only, my life isn't brand new, just different from what it used to be. I want this blog to reflect the change in my life, so maybe continuing on the old blog will show the change I'm proud to have made.

I still very much love and care about the things I did before - humanitarian issues, charity, friends, doing good - but I also love and care about myself more now than ever before. I want to get and stay healthy - for my family, my future, and mySELF. Hopefully this blog will be a reflection of those things in my reinvented life that either I think are important enough to share with others or that I just need to get out. I'm taking a hint from Paleo Project Jenna and sharing whatever the eff I want...and not sharing what I don't want to share. Also taking inspiration from my true friend (and role model), Nina, at LiveLegit.

All that said: Stories, rants, recipes, and workouts are all fair game. Prepare thyself.