Thursday, August 11, 2011

DBs, gyms, and just plain weird meal timing...

Not much to report today. Had a good shoulder/chest lifting session today, but I maxed out the dumbells, so I have to figure out a different way to go. For some reason, I really suck with this particular shoulder press machine and did better with DBs, even though at Nina's I preferred the bar to DBs. Who knows... If I can't find a box that works out near the new apartment, I might have to opt for Gold's Gym, which is literally a block away. I guess we'll see.

One other thing that Nina mentioned and now I've noticed, too: My metabolism seems to be going nuts. I can have breakfast in the morning at 7, 8, 10am--doesn't matter--and then I won't be hungry until dinner (post-WOD), but then I'm constantly hungry afterward. Like today, I had breakfast not long after I got up at 10, then I wasn't hungry until a little while after I finished lifting at 4:30. Then I'm hungry again by 6, have a snack, and am yet again hungry at 7:30. I'm not overly concerned because I'm sticking strictly to paleo, so my body's doing what it needs to do, but it's something to toy with.

A) Warm-ups
B) Lifting:
-- DB shoulder press (1-1-1-1-1) 30-40-42.5-42.5-50(F)
-- DB push press (3-3-3-3-3) 40-42.5-50-50-50 (maxed out DBs)
-- Bench press (5-5-5-5-5) 30-40-40-42.5-45
C) 50 KB swings, for time (1 pood) 2:01
D) To failure:
-- HSPU (bench) x5 21-16-15-16-17
-- Regular PUs x3 10-22-18
-- Tripod, for time 1:44 (Surprising how many muscles eventually get into it...)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moving = Active Recovery?

Not sure if packing and moving boxes actually counts as recovery, but it was some pretty good activity for the day. Please note, however, that I HATE moving. Got a lot accomplished today, though... (All boxes packed today!)

In other news, all's well on the paleo front. The "carb flu" is long gone, and though some things sound good occasionally (mostly froyo, dark chocolate, and cheese for my grass-fed burger), no cravings of late. August is already 1/3 over and is shaping up to be a great month!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Death by Burpees

Went to CrossFit Arlington tonight, and I have to say, it's not my favorite. The "head" coach was helpful and inviting, but the girl running the session just didn't do it for me. I didn't get the idea that this place was as inviting as TSAC (in SoCal) or Potomac. I think some of the problem is that this place is a MMA facility, and CrossFit seems like an afterthought. So that's a no-go, but I feel like I knew that already since it's going to be pretty far away from my new apartment. (So is Potomac, but I liked it there...)

One other thing I failed to mention yesterday about how I know paleo works: I've been dealing with a mysterious health issue for the last 3-4 months, and it's basically resolved itself in the last week. No lie...I can't make this shit up. Paleo works.

A) Warm-up
-- 250m row
Then two rounds of:
-- 15 Hindu PUs
-- 20 walking lunges
-- 25 jump squats (form!)
-- 30 sit-ups (Games)
-- Samson
-- Dislocates
B) "Death by Burpees" -- At start, do 1 burpee. On each additional minute, complete a set, adding 1 more burpee. (So do 2 at 1:00, do 3 at 2:00, and so on.) Go until you can't complete the set within the minute.
Completed: 12 rounds + 10 burpees
C) 28 "penalty" burpees (4 for each person remaining - I was the 5th person out, of 12.)
D) Skill work: HSPU
-- 5 rounds, to failure
Completed: 23-16-17-15-18

Monday, August 8, 2011

Paleo WORKS.

Today is Day 8 of my Whole30 Challenge, so having completed a full week, I weighed in and checked BFP this morning. (I know some say not to do so during a Whole30--just before and after--but weekly is a good first step for me.) I'm pleased to be back where I want to be and to have seen a BFP reduction, which I can actually SEE already. No lie...I see changes in a week's time. I'm telling you: Paleo freaking WORKS!

All that said, it's really all about performance and body comp . As I mentioned yesterday, I felt stronger than ever at CrossFit yesterday, so I'm looking forward to more of the same at Crossfit Arlington tomorrow.

Today was an active recovery day in terms of WODs, so I did some swimming (since I was at the pool enjoying some sun anyway) and an hour of yoga. I think it helped with some of the hamstring issues I was having after the KBs yesterday, which is nice.

More later...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Humidity sucks. Cars suck. EMBRACE THE SUCK.

Checked out Potomac CrossFit this morning and LOVED it. Tara was the kind of coach I like, but she's not there that often because she actually works in Manhattan during the week. Anyway, this was a big group for a Sunday morning free class, but I was pleasantly surprised that the coach noticed that I've done some WODs before. Now, I don't by any means call myself a CFer...but it was nice to have some experience under my belt.

Then I showed what it's done for me:

A) Warm-up
-- Run 400m
-- 25m butt-kicks, high knees, grapevine, shuffle, etc...alternating w/ 25m jog
B) 4 rounds, for time:
-- 200m run
-- 15 KB swings (35#)
-- 10 sit-ups
-- 10 box jumps (20")
Time: 12:48, rx

I'm pleased to announce that I am no longer completely petrified by box jumps, and I don't COMPLETELY suck at them I guess everything comes in due time. 35# KB swings were apparently impressive for a girl (the CFer that WOD'd with us did 20, so maybe it is, or maybe she was exhausted from "Eva" yesterday)...and I was the fastest girl, not far behind a male CFer and two other guys.

So, why is all of this comparative info important, you ask?! Because it shows me that I'm doing something right. I can hold my own with female CFers and potential male CFers. I also did feel like I had "boundless energy" today, on day 7 of my personal paleo/Whole30 challenge. I assumed I'd just fall in line with all the other potential new CFers, but I didn't...I kicked this WOD's ass, despite crazy humidity and cars in the path of my 400m run. (You were starting to wonder where the title came from, weren't you?!)

Bottom line: I'm proud, and I need to check out District CrossFit, at Tara's recommendation, because I need to find a box that's convenient for me to attend all the time once I move. And that's that - decision made.

Also: Tara said "sometimes you have to EMBRACE THE SUCK," and if I could have signed on the dotted line right then, I would have. Just a thought for those at District. ;-)

**Note: No, Eric and Erich didn't finish. I think it was something about feeling dizzy...and the name thing was (probably) just a coincidence.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goals: August

Alright, yes. I realize it's August 6th. I'm re-committing to being accountable here, though, and I'm on the paleo wagon, so there's really no trouble to speak of.

You heard right. Today was day 6 of my Whole30 (31?!), and it's going well. I've found that it's actually easier for me to stick with 100% paleo because there are no excuses and there's no arguing with myself about whether to stay on track...I just do it. So that's been a HUGE success this week.

What has not been a success: WODing. I had a major fail getting back on the wagon here in DC after CrossFitting with Nina all last week, but I'm attributing that to the 12-hour-plus days I had every day this week. No lie, I was at work or commuting for 11-12 hours daily, and then I had something to do after work on Mon, Wed, and Thurs. Craziness. Luckily, that's all behind me now, and I've got 1.5 weeks before Mom comes and I move. The good news I found amidst the craziness: I can stay paleo!

Anyway... I have been wanting to post the goals I set for August, so here ya go:
1) Complete a Whole30 Aug 1-31 at 100%, with the possibility of reverting to 80%+ afterward.
2) Explore DC CrossFit opportunities and decide on one for the school year.
3) Set training schedule (with #2 in mind) of lifting, cardio WODs, mobility WODs, and rest days. Include intramural soccer, if possible.
4) Focus on developing greater upper body strength (esp. shoulders) through PUs, HSPUs, and lifting. I hope my potential new CrossFit coaches will help me figure out how to do this.
5) Finish reading Mark Sisson's The Primal Blueprint.

I'm on my way to a great first Whole30, and tomorrow and Tuesday I've got some exploring to do (see #2, above). Also got in a WOD today, despite being exhausted from the week...

A) Warm-up
-- 20 min slow bike
-- Stretch
B) AMRAP: 15 mins
-- 5 DB shoulder press (30#)
-- 5 squats
-- 10 push-ups
-- 10 sit-ups
Completed: 11 rounds + 5 presses, 3 squats
C) 5 minute squat sit
D) Skill work
-- Push-ups to failure x 3 (22-26-23)
-- Tripods, 3 x 30sec

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keep moving and you won't get sore.

Truth: You don't get sore until you stop moving.
Soreness solution after 5 consecutive days of WODs, runs, double WODs, and strength-focus days: GO TO A WEDDING AND DANCE YOUR ASS OFF.

No, seriously...that's what I did last night, and it was a freaking blast. I'm considerably less sore than I probably should be today, but I can still tell that I made some progress toward "man shoulders" during yesterday's shoulder lifting session.

Nina and Julie killed it yesterday, and I really wanted to do better but just can't hold my own yet. I'll be getting there, though, especially since I know where to start from now. Many thanks to Nina for helping me out this last week and being willing to WOD me into's appreciated more than you know.

Tomorrow (8/1!) starts my Whole30 challenge, and I'm excited to see what it'll do for my strength and fitness goals. Will post some of those goals tomorrow, as today is about to get a little nutty with a surprise 60th birthday party (and cake!) around here plus my flight back to DC tonight.

A) Shoulder Press (1-1-1-1-1) -- 40-45-50-55-60(F)
B) Push press (3-3-3-3-3) -- 50-55-60-65-70(F)
C) Push jerk (5-5-5-5-5)
-- Goal of 5 reps: 50-60-60(4)-65(4)-70(F)
-- 50# to failure: 50(5)-50(8)
D) HSPU, 3 sets to failure (box) -- 6-9-8