About Kimberly

I still believe that people can change the world. People who believe in PEACE and LOVE can change the world. People who believe in peace and love need to also focus on themselves sometimes. That is what I have to do now. I've changed my own life... It's up to me. Life is what you make it.

So anyway, about me:

I'm 25. I was born and raised just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it'll always be home. As much as I wanted and needed to get out of the Midwest, a year later I imagine it's not much longer before I'll move back. (The grass isn't always greener...and family is everything.) Fortunately, I live in DC for grad school, and that's the best choice I could have made for myself. I've grown up and completely changed my life since moving in August 2010 (11 months ago), and my life is now less about other people and more about ME.

I love to write and wish I did more of it, so I reinvented this blog to be about something I've become very interested in and maybe even "passionate" about: health and fitness.

I was introduced to CrossFit and the "paleo" or "primal" lifestyle by my friend Nina last fall (2010), while we were both on separate journeys to better health. Since that time, I've lost the weight I don't want and never needed, and now Nina and I are on similar journeys to similar goals. I hope to embark on a CrossFit journey soon, but for now I'll continue working toward full-time paleo and experimenting with various forms of exercise until I can find a CrossFit gym that works for me.

Nina and I in California, April/May 2011

As far as this blog, I intend it to be a place where I can write (thank you, Paleo Project Jenna, for reminding me of that intention) and make notes about fitness and nutrition for myself...a continuation of my journey. I also truly hope it might be able to help others through resources (recipes, information, ideas) and experiences, but I am by no means an expert and don't truly expect anyone to be interested in what I have to say. If you are, thank you...I'm flattered. But really...I'm just blogging my journey. I'm grateful to have someone along for the ride, though!