Thursday, August 11, 2011

DBs, gyms, and just plain weird meal timing...

Not much to report today. Had a good shoulder/chest lifting session today, but I maxed out the dumbells, so I have to figure out a different way to go. For some reason, I really suck with this particular shoulder press machine and did better with DBs, even though at Nina's I preferred the bar to DBs. Who knows... If I can't find a box that works out near the new apartment, I might have to opt for Gold's Gym, which is literally a block away. I guess we'll see.

One other thing that Nina mentioned and now I've noticed, too: My metabolism seems to be going nuts. I can have breakfast in the morning at 7, 8, 10am--doesn't matter--and then I won't be hungry until dinner (post-WOD), but then I'm constantly hungry afterward. Like today, I had breakfast not long after I got up at 10, then I wasn't hungry until a little while after I finished lifting at 4:30. Then I'm hungry again by 6, have a snack, and am yet again hungry at 7:30. I'm not overly concerned because I'm sticking strictly to paleo, so my body's doing what it needs to do, but it's something to toy with.

A) Warm-ups
B) Lifting:
-- DB shoulder press (1-1-1-1-1) 30-40-42.5-42.5-50(F)
-- DB push press (3-3-3-3-3) 40-42.5-50-50-50 (maxed out DBs)
-- Bench press (5-5-5-5-5) 30-40-40-42.5-45
C) 50 KB swings, for time (1 pood) 2:01
D) To failure:
-- HSPU (bench) x5 21-16-15-16-17
-- Regular PUs x3 10-22-18
-- Tripod, for time 1:44 (Surprising how many muscles eventually get into it...)

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