Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goals: August

Alright, yes. I realize it's August 6th. I'm re-committing to being accountable here, though, and I'm on the paleo wagon, so there's really no trouble to speak of.

You heard right. Today was day 6 of my Whole30 (31?!), and it's going well. I've found that it's actually easier for me to stick with 100% paleo because there are no excuses and there's no arguing with myself about whether to stay on track...I just do it. So that's been a HUGE success this week.

What has not been a success: WODing. I had a major fail getting back on the wagon here in DC after CrossFitting with Nina all last week, but I'm attributing that to the 12-hour-plus days I had every day this week. No lie, I was at work or commuting for 11-12 hours daily, and then I had something to do after work on Mon, Wed, and Thurs. Craziness. Luckily, that's all behind me now, and I've got 1.5 weeks before Mom comes and I move. The good news I found amidst the craziness: I can stay paleo!

Anyway... I have been wanting to post the goals I set for August, so here ya go:
1) Complete a Whole30 Aug 1-31 at 100%, with the possibility of reverting to 80%+ afterward.
2) Explore DC CrossFit opportunities and decide on one for the school year.
3) Set training schedule (with #2 in mind) of lifting, cardio WODs, mobility WODs, and rest days. Include intramural soccer, if possible.
4) Focus on developing greater upper body strength (esp. shoulders) through PUs, HSPUs, and lifting. I hope my potential new CrossFit coaches will help me figure out how to do this.
5) Finish reading Mark Sisson's The Primal Blueprint.

I'm on my way to a great first Whole30, and tomorrow and Tuesday I've got some exploring to do (see #2, above). Also got in a WOD today, despite being exhausted from the week...

A) Warm-up
-- 20 min slow bike
-- Stretch
B) AMRAP: 15 mins
-- 5 DB shoulder press (30#)
-- 5 squats
-- 10 push-ups
-- 10 sit-ups
Completed: 11 rounds + 5 presses, 3 squats
C) 5 minute squat sit
D) Skill work
-- Push-ups to failure x 3 (22-26-23)
-- Tripods, 3 x 30sec

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