Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Well, John, do you think we can sign onto their bill?!"

I'll just cut to the chase--


Story time:
This morning we went to Senator Kohl's constituent breakfast, and we got to talk to him personally. He asked if we were in town visiting, and we explained that we were here to lobby for Invisible Children, etc. We talked to him for several minutes, even though his staffers were trying to pull him away. They did take him in for pictures, and when we went in for our picture, he asked if we had talked to anyone on his staff, and of course we had. We pointed out the guy who we talked to (John), who happened to be standing in the room. So Senator Kohl goes, "Well, John, do you think we can sign onto their bill?" And his response was, "I think we can!" with a big smile! (Yes, this from the same guy who was so crabby yesterday...I think he was impressed that we came back.) So hopefully...he's not on the THOMAS database yet, but FIVE OTHER Senators are! (H.R. 2478 and S.1067) Did I forget to mention that TWENTY-EIGHT Representatives were added yesterday as well?!


So then we wanted to say thank you to Senator Feingold if he was available, but he wasn't, so we talked to Peter (whose job I still wanted) again, and he gave us an update on the additional cosponsors since yesterday. THEN Lyndsey, one of the girls in our group, ran into Senator Feingold on the street, and so she did get to say thank you! EXCITING!

In other news, I also went to Union Station, the National Postal Museum (which was actually interesting, contrary to what one might think), and the National Museum of African Art (which was VERY cool) and the adjacent garden. Oh, and I had lunch at Cosi's...a DC tradition. Was a great day...many highs.

I can't tell you, honestly, how great the trip has been. I so love it here, and coming for this event was surely the best impromptu decision I've ever made.

Can't wait to return.

I'll post another blog of quotes and such from the trip when I get home, but there will be many. Stephen Lewis (UN Special Envoy) was HILARIOUS, as was Tom Shadyac (Hollywood director of Ace Ventura, etc, whose movies I don't actually like). And of course, pictures to come on Facebook. <3


  1. Hi, I came across this via OpenCongress and wanted to say that getting such a positive response from your senator is awesome. I was at How It Ends too, and according to THOMAS neither of my senators have signed on yet, but I'm following up with them on Monday. I hope I can get a definitive answer like you did :)
    Thanks for posting this!

  2. That's great! I hope they respond positively to you, too! He actually hasn't signed on yet (but my other Senator is Feingold <3 ), but our group is following up with him at least a couple times a week. We WILL get this passed!

    PS - Did you see the most recent numbers?! 7 Senators and 50 Representatives signed on since we stormed the Hill!!! SOOOOO EPIC! <3