Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wanted: Good Fight Fighters.

There are only so many hours in the day. (I have learned to live with this fact.) People need sleep. (I have also conceded this point, unfortunately.) But with all the problems in the world, I wonder how one chooses how to use their time.

I know what's worth fighting for. I have a fairly accurate compass when it comes to morality and recognizing what isn't right. But then...if I know those things, I wonder how to decide what to fight for?

It is no secret that I want to fix things in this world, but there are so many things that need fixing. I want to help the children, the sick, the soldiers, the needy. There are people in the US, people far away, and people around the world. There are wars to fight and wars to protest. We fight disease, poverty, and injustice.

Even if I could say my heart was only drawn to central Africa, I could support Invisible Children, Falling Whistles, or Blood:Water Mission...and the list goes on. In this region, there are wars, rehabilitation efforts, impoverished and orphaned children, and diseases. So what does one choose?

There is just so much to fight for. And I often can the world be changed if so much needs changing?

And yet...I can't stop fighting the good fight. It needs fighting. Join me.