Monday, April 19, 2010

As I Prepare to Throw Up...

...I will write this blog. I am so angry I could spit. And my mother taught me that young ladies do not spit. Well I'm no longer a young lady, and I'm going to spit on someone in particular. But before that, I think I am going to throw up because the knot in my stomach is so large.

Now, let me explain a little about myself. I do not usually get angry...not like this. But I am positively FURIOUS right now. You can mess with me all you want, but do NOT mess with my friends - especially not this one. I have never experienced so many emotions at once ever before in my life...which, I think, is why I am going to throw up. (You doubt me.)

My best friend is probably the best woman I have ever known, and I'll be damned if I wouldn't fight to the death for her. And if it's her and I against the person we're against...damn the world if we don't have the rage to win. I have never before wanted to seriously strangle someone.

She does not deserve this. She deserves the OPPOSITE of this. That, right there, is the best listener, counselor, encourager, teacher, advisor, and FRIEND I have ever had the privilege of knowing. And YOU will NOT take her down.

Please note - WE were once on good terms. And well before all of THIS happened, WE lost touch. Why? Because YOU are incapable of relating to people as PEOPLE. Yes, I am a student and a PERSON. WE are no longer on good terms and have not been for quite some time. YOU know why. And YOU should know BETTER.

But then again, you do not follow the usual ethical guidelines.

Why? I know not for sure, but my guess? You have no soul. That's right...I said it. Why? Because it's true. Only you could do such a terrible thing.

Oh, you WANTED to kick a person when they're down? Great job.

I'll help her back up...and take you down in the process.

Remember, I fight for EQUALITY, JUSTICE, PEACE, and what's RIGHT. I have for some time now, and I've got many on my side. Prepare for the fight of your's on.

On second thought, I don't need to throw up anymore. I'll save the rage just start plotting. And then maybe one day you'll learn about EMPATHY, PEACE, and JUSTICE.